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Employment Agreement Negotiations

Certain employment positions require employees to sign employment contracts or executive compensation agreements. The attorneys at Waldman Law Group, P.C. represent professionals, managers, corporate executives and employees, as well as private companies, in negotiationing effective employment contracts.

If you are a prospective or current employee offered an employment contract, do NOT sign it without reviewing it with an employment attorney. It is central that the employment contract is narrow enough to prevent potential problems for you later and that it is broad enough to protect your rights while assuring your job expectations are satisfied.

If you represent a company and wish to have an employment contract with a prospective or current employee, it is critical that you seek the legal advice of experienced attorneys who can review the employment contract and assure that your company remains protected.

The negotiation of an employment contract follows several steps.

  • We meet with you to discuss your expectations and requirements for the position.
  • We gather information about the needs of the other party.
    (Recognizing the other party’s needs gives us the ability to negotiate more efficiently your demands in the employment agreement. In the end, this makes achieving agreeable terms of the employment agreement easier for both parties and preserves the professional relationship for everyone.)
  • Having negotiated the terms of an employment agreement, we draft the employment agreement assuring that the written employment agreement actually provides for all points we have negotiating.

Through this process, we have been able to negotiate successfully employment agreements that meet our clients’ needs.

Whether we represent an individual employee or a company, the attorneys at Waldman Law Group, P.C. understand the needs of each and how to balance them. Our goal is to negotiate the best possible result for our clients as quickly as possible. Contact an attorney at Waldman Law Group, P.C. so that we can advise you in negotiating a viable employment agreement that assures your rights are protected and your expectations will be met.